Chesssweeper: Bishops and Queens

So like the other chesssweeper puzzles posted so far, we are filling the rows and columns with two types of chess pieces.  Here the pieces both attack at range, which makes things a bit harder.

One might assume that the location of the Queens would be obvious since it is such a powerful piece.  Indeed it would, if we used the same number of each.  However if we require exactly three Queens and five Bishops to be placed in each row and column, suddenly the clue numbers are similar and the puzzle becomes far more balanced.

Just to make sure everyone understands the Chessweeper concept, I'm including a small four-by-four sample puzzle which is solved.  You can see that the clues indicate the number of pieces of the same type that the piece in that square can attack.   In this small sample, every row and column is required to contain one Queen and three Bishops. 

High Quality PDF


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