10th Anniversary of Puzzle Creation

On August 23rd of 2012, long before I started this blog, I began creating my first real puzzles.  I was inspired by a complex numbered KenKen created by Brian Hayes to create some KenKen of my own over the ring of quaternions, an extension of the complex numbers.  I don't find those first creations all that fun today.  I feel puzzles over the quaternion group of order eight are more elegant, if you are going to go in that direction.  

In this puzzle below, we're not going in that direction at all.  I've decided to go back to three of my first Sudoku styles for this anniversary puzzle.  I'm combining those three types into one sudoku, for the first time.  Different cages will thus have different rule sets depending on the shapes involved.  All of the rules are on the puzzle itself.  The solution and a PDF version are both below.


Higher Quality PDF


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