Elephant's Sudoku

The Elephant is one of the oldest chess pieces.  It did not make it into modern "Mad Queen's" chess, being later replaced by the Bishop.  This piece moves much like a Bishop, but can only travel one or two squares away from its starting position.  (Note that some rules have the Elephant moving exactly two steps away, but our rule here gives the choice of one or two steps away.)  Today's puzzle is similar to my Knight's Sudoku except we use the Elephant as our piece instead.

In these puzzles we are placing three Elephants in each row, column, and three-by-three cage.  Some positions are already given, together with a numeric clue.  This clue reveals the number other pieces that piece can attack.  

Solutions are given at the link below.  The third puzzle is especially challenging, but the first two should provide a friendly introduction to this type of puzzle.



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