Distinct Partition Puzzle

I really enjoy my Odd & Distinct Partition puzzles, but I realize they're a bit scary to those unfamiliar with partitions.  They are designed to emphasize the connection between odd partitions and distinct partitions, but I've been looking for a simpler type of partition puzzle.  Today's entry is one such attempt.

Each cage here contains a distinct partition of n for some value of n.  Sometimes that value is given, and other times it is not.  The entries must also form a Latin square, meaning that each number must appear exactly once in every row and column.  That's all you need to solve the following puzzle.

Since this puzzle has many L-shaped cages, the distinctness of the entries comes in to play a great deal.  I'm posting an easier puzzle as well below with more straight cages.  The solutions and high quality PDFs can be found below.

Main Puzzle:

Easier Puzzle:

PDF Version Easier Puzzle


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