Fives Star Sumdoku

A Sumdoku is a Sudoku with clues indicating the sum of the entries in various cells.  In this puzzle that sum is revealed if and only if it is a multiple of five.  Note that this means if there is no star between cells in a cage, then their sum is not a multiple of five.  Use this second idea frequently.  It is necessary for arriving at the unique solution.

You may find a completely different way of looking at this puzzle which doesn't involve sums at all.  You might wish to look at which numbers can be connected by stars, draw a picture (of graph) of the connections, and take sums out of the picture altogether.

I'm posting two versions of the puzzle, allowing you to choose how much of a challenge you would like.  There are some tricky choices in the version with only two cells revealed at the start.

High Quality PDF (Easy Version)
High Quality PDF (Harder Version)


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